Bảng mã lỗi biến tần Emerson Commander SK SP ES thường gặp và cách khắc phục

Khi biến tần Emerson Commander SK, SP, SE… dừng hoạt động mà không biết rõ nguyên nhân do đâu thì chúng ta phải dựa vào bảng mã lỗi hiển thị trên màn hình để phán đoán biến tần đang gặp lỗi gì và hướng khắc phục ra sao. Sau đây RITECH sẽ cung cấp các mã lỗi thường gặp ở biến tần Emerson Commander SK thường gặp và nêu rõ nguyên nhân lỗi, hướng dẫn khắc phục ra sao với lỗi đó

Bảng mã lỗi biến tần Emerson commander SK
Bảng mã lỗi biến tần Emerson commander SK

Bảng mã lỗi biến tần Emerson Commander SK

Mã lỗi Tình trạng Nguyên nhân gây ra lỗi
UU DC Bus under voltage Low AC Supply Voltage
Low DC Bus voltage when supplied by an external DC power supply
OU DC Bus over voltage Deceleration rate set too fast for the inertia of the machine
Mechanical load driving the motor
OI.AC** Drive output instantaneous over current Insufficient ramp times
Phase to phase or phase to ground short circuit on the drives output
Drive requires autotuning to the motor
Motor or motor connections changed, re-autotune drive to motor
OI.br** Braking Resistor instantaneous over current Excessive current in braking resistor
Braking resistor value to small
O.SPd Over Speed Excessive motor speed (typically caused by a mechanical load driving the motor
tunE Autotune stopped before completion Run command removed before autotune compelte
It.br I2t on Braking Resistor Excessive braking resistor energy
lt.AC l2t on drive output current Excessive Mechanical load
High impedance phase to phase or phase to ground short circuit at drive output
Drive requires re-autotuning to motor
O.ht1 IGBT over heat based on dries thermal model Over heat software thermal module
O.ht2 Over heat based on drives heatsink Heatsink temperature exceeds maximum allowable
th Motor thermistor trip Excessive motor temperature
O.Ld1* User +24v or digital output overload Excessive load or short circuit on +24v output
cL1 Analogue input 1 current mode, current loss Input current less than 3mA when 4-20 or 20-4mA modes selected
SCL Serial communication loss time-out Loss of communication when drive is under remote control
EEF Internal Drive EEPROM trip Possible loss of parameter values
PH Input phase imbalance or input phase loss One of the input phases has become disconnected from the drive (applies to 200/400v three phase drives only, not dual rated drives.
rS Failure to measure motors stator resistance Motor too small for drive
Motor cable disconnected during measurement
C.Err SmartStick data error Bad connection or memory corrupt within SmartStick
C.dAt SmartStick data does not exist New/empty SmartStick being read
C.Acc SmartStick read/write error fail Bad connection or faulty SmartStick
C.rtg SmartStick/drive rating change Already programmed SmartStick read by a drive of a different rating
O.cL Overload on current loop input Input current exceeds 25mA
HFxx trip Hardware faults Internal drive hardware fault
Mã lỗi biến tần Emerson
Mã lỗi biến tần Emerson

* The Enable/Reset terminal will not reset an O.Ld1  trip. Use the Stop/Reset key

**These trips cannot be reset for 10 seconds after they occur

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Bảng mã lỗi phần cứng Hardware Fault Codes (HF)

HF04- Low DC bus at power up- may indicate an AC Input or pre-charge problem

HF05- No internal handshake signal from second processor (DSP) at start up
HF06- Unexpected interrupt
HF07- Watchdog failure

HF08- Interrupt crash (code overrun)
HF11- Access to the EEPROM failed- tried to read stored parameter data but failed
HF20- Power stage – code error Tried to read power board and read back erroneous

HF21- Power stage – unrecognized frame size

HF22- Overcurrent detection at power up- possible output short or bridge failure

HF23- DSP software overrun

HF25- DSP Communications failure- communication from main to 2nd processor

HF26- Soft start relay failed to close; or soft start monitor failed; or braking
IGBT short circuit at power up

HF27- Power stage thermistor fault

HF28- Power circuit thermistor 2 or 3 fault Internal fan fault on size 3 only

HF29- Fan failure (current too high – only on drives with a fan)

HF31- Internal Cap Bank Fan failure- check for fan rotation/blockage Size 4 and up

HF32- Power circuit temperature feedback multiplexer failure

Lỗi phần cứng HF biến tần Emerson commander
Lỗi phần cứng HF biến tần Emerson commander

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Thông tin chi tiết hơn về mã lỗi HF

HF04 – A low DC bus voltage was detected.

HF05 – The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) failed to produce any signal at startup

HF06, HF07, HF08 – While the user code is running, it is continuously checking that the data it is receiving is valid etc.  If it detects a problem, it will trip on one of the trips codes HF06, HF07 or HF08.

HF11 – All communication attempts to the EEPROM are denied.

HF20 – A fault was detected on the power board as the Drive was powered up.

HF21 – The DSP reads a voltage from the power PCB to determine the correct Drive kW size.  If the voltage is different to an expected value, the Drive will trip.

HF22 – If the drive detects an OI – overcurrent trip on power up, the Drive will trip on HF22 and not OI.  Remove drive enable (B4) and motor leads and re-try.

HF23 – The user interface code (DSP based) run on different priority levels and each level has a certain time to complete its tasks.  If for some reason the code cannot complete its task within the allotted time the Drive trip.

HF25 – A failure of communications between the DSP and control PCB microprocessor.

HF26 – There is a critical problem of the inrush circuit of the power board.

HF27 – The thermistor has failed or has measured a value out of tolerance.

HF28 – Power circuit thermistor 2 or 3 fault   – Internal fan fault on Size 3 only DSP- is Digital Signal Processor – 2nd processor running in conjunction with the main drive processor.

HF29 – If the SK is fitted with a heatsink fan then it is failing and drawing excessive current.

HF29 is typically an indication that the cooling fans at the bottom of the Drive are not spinning.  With power off and Drive discharged, one should check into the fan area to check for foreign debris to see that the Fan(s) can spin freely.

HF30 – DCCT wire break trip from power module

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